Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creepers for Keeps

It finally arrived!

After much thought, I decided on these new kicks. I've seen much more (colorful) designs in Asian stores online but the sad part was that it's not easily available here in the US. Shipping costs and time would have been too troublesome. This T.U.K. creeper design I believe is from an older season and is probably discontinued since I was able to browse through the T.U.K. catalog in a shop in Bellflower and neither Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 had this. I was quite disappointed because I really liked the lace trimming on it. I found it online at Endless and was happy to find out that they had some sizes still. I'm such an Amazon fangirl. Endless is affiliated with Amazon. They offer free two-day shipping both ways and they don't charge tax to California. Aside from free shipping and no tax, they treat their customers well, just as I'd expect from Amazon. Let's just say I was misinformed about the sizing that I had to return my first pair and order again (they don't do exchanges, only refunds which come 2-3 weeks later) that the next customer representative gave me a promotional certificate/discount. All that trouble saved me some money at least, and I'm very satisfied with the service I got as well as the shoe itself!

The shoes are pretty hard and heavy. The hardness of the leather will eventually be better after wearing it quite a bit., I don't think the weight will change though. I was even raising my legs up and down trying to exercise my legs and turn them into some sort of  leg weights! (^_^)'

T.U.K. Lace Up Creeper ($65)



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