Monday, December 5, 2011

I went to the mall today because my friend Pia wanted to go to Victoria's Secret wherein she had received an email about a private store event. When we got there, the event was not even private. Seriously, I thought this was exclusive! Instead, they just let anyone in without checking who put in an RSVP or not. They were having a raffle pretty much every 15 minutes until the last prize was a duffel bag filled with $500 worth of VS goodies. I honestly just wanted to win something, anything. I never win in any sweepstakes and I've been signing myself up random stuff online and never win a single thing. Such is my luck. 

I did end up making an unnecessary purchase of the VS Party Perfect Makeup Kit. I think it will come handy when I travel. I couldn't pass it up since I had a $10 off coupon. They also gave away a little VS ornament with a V-string inside for every purchase made. They were also giving water bottles that were VS customized to the customers. Cute, but it will just end up in the trash. (^_^)

After waiting (and seriously hoping) for the end of the raffle, me and Pia rushed to Milk and Honey Cafe to have a late dinner and dessert. Milk and Honey Cafe made my night. The server was extra nice to us even when we came in 5 minutes before closing. You check out the special brick toast we got on my food blog.

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