Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bay Weekend

It was Maggie's (my roommate) uncle's birthday and he wanted to celebrate it in the Bay area. I do love San Francisco so I jumped in too. Me and Maggie took our own separate car and had started driving after work on Friday. Maggie took the first half and I took the other half. We drove all the way to San Jose and crashed at my friend place. 

The next morning, we drove up to Chinatown to have lunch and we met up with the rest of the group in Berkeley. Maggie's uncle and his girlfriend gave us a little tour inside the UC Berkeley campus. There was a game that day in San Francisco so Berkeley was pretty dead. We found this amusing statue of one of the head coaches of the Bears who was blindfolded for the game. 

On Sunday, we drove to San Francisco and walked around the city. Can you see Lombard Street in the photo? Since I scaled the image to a smaller size, you can't  really see it but it's there on the very end/top of that street.

We ended up in Chinatown again to do some shopping. You can't believe my happiness to find they sell different infinity scarves here. I've been looking for good cheap ones since last year. I just found my spot! I ended up buying 3 infinity scarves and 1 cute furry scarf, as well as some plates for our apartment.   

We did the touristy thing and went to Fisherman's Wharf as well. Honestly I wanted to show Maggie around Haight and Castro but there really wasn't any time left since we had to drive back so that we could be back at work the next day.

Since we felt our trip was too short, we're thinking we might go back again soon. Until then San Francisco!

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