Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet Streets: SPANK! X Chubby Bunny

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity in being in an event showcasing a lot of the things I am fond of. I had sent in my interest to model just as something for fun. I didn't really expect anything but lo' and behold, I got to join 9 other girls to be modeling for  SPANK! and Chubby Bunny. I'd like to say Tavuchi is really awesome and I'd really like to meet her again. Michelle (Chubby Bunny) is also great and I think she'll be really successful with all the hard work she's doing.

We started Saturday early at the WWA Gallery. I'm quite embarrassed cause I arrived 10 minutes late, and everyone else was already there (Sorry everyone!). They gave us our props and I was paired with Selina. All 5 pairs had different roles and we were set out to be "Bubble Girls". We got a little oriented on what to do and how the show was going to be.
Soon after, we got settled in and the makeup and hair began. Our hair stylists were Kaytea and Kazu Miyagi of Anarchy and there were 3 makeup artists, one of which was Mynxii

We pretty much hung around the gallery, ate snacks and talked the whole time until our turn came up. You can check out the short behind the scenes video I put up in a previous post here.

Trivia: The event was organized by SWEET STREETS. I think we fully lived up to the name-- the models were literally living off on a sugar the whole day. I kid you not. I barely ate anything except for candy, chips, gummy bears, and chocolate that whole day.

The photo on the left was a bunch of Hello Kitty candy Tavuchi gave us. This was early on in the day. When it started getting dark, that was all gone.

Our before shot:

After we had all gotten ready, we got to kill some more time and got to see & shop at the pop-up shop before anyone else. Check out Yume's shoes in the photo. I'm actually curious to try that out. DIY platform shoes ftw.

Here are all the models hanging out upstairs before the show. We couldn't go down, not until the fashion show started. I was getting edgy and I was craving for some beer they had downstairs. Luckily, Tavuchi came up and she gladly shared her beer to me and everyone else.

More after the jump!

The show started off with Tavuchi and Michelle, signs on hand,  in their pretty pastel clothes.

Following them were Kellie and India as the Cheerleaders. They were given pompoms and had the kind of do a little cheer dance routine. Then came Shannie and Bryanna as the Candy Girls. They gave out chocolates to everyone possible. The chocolates were wrapped in custom made wrappers with the logos of Spank!, Chubby Bunny and Sweet Streets.

Next up in line was me and Selina as the "Bubble Girls". We were given these bubble horns which were a little pain since we had to hold the containers the whole time. You can't really bounce around holding a container filled with liquid. After us,came Sydney and Amanda as the "Pop Idols". They exuberated the 80's Jem and Holograms style with their toy microphones.

Lastly, Mandy and Sandy came out  as the "Unicorn Girls". They both had a unicorn scarf and had pretty balloons. For the finale, we all came out with our poppers.

Those poppers were the hardest things ever. We all just wanted it to pop already. You can see the I'm-trying-my-best-to-smile-and-save-face-but-these-things-won't budge face.

We also extended our runway to the outside since so many people were stuck outside because the gallery had reached it's capacity and there were just so many people and it even started drizzling! For those who waited outside, you guys are awesome.

After the show, I grabbed a couple of beers (of course!) and met with my friends Anz, Tthu, and  Jen who all came to join in on the fun and support me as well. I saw Tavuchi and we all had a little toast and had a photo taken. I hid my beer in almost all of my photos actually. For those who know me, I can drink quite alot. I'm already on my 3rd beer here. ^_^

 I was also lucky to meet Shojono Tomo. Tomo was really nice and I gave her my usual basic broken Japanese. She's a really fun woman and always made these interesting faces on camera. Arika Sato was with her and she was wearing the exact same Shojono Tomo dress Nicki Minaj had worn.

It's funny how my skirt looks like it'an extension of Michelle's dress. If dresses could make babies, they'd give birth to skirts. 
We eventually had to return the clothes we wore. I really wanted to keep it.
 Here's a shot I took with Amy of Sugarpill Cosmetics. Our makeup was sponsored by her.

We decided to leave soon after. Me and Selina were dying for a photo with the Space Invaders across the street. 

After all that, we grabbed some In-N-Out and headed to Bottle Rock for a few drinks with everyone. We stayed for one beer before we said our goodbyes to Michelle, Tavuchi, and everyone else who was there.

It was truly unforgettable. I would really like another chance to do something like this again. 
(Thank you to missjetpack for this photo!)


  1. "If dresses could make babies, they'd give birth to skirts. "

    Hahahahaha c;

  2. You look so pretty! I LOVE your makeup. You should do this more often. :D



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