Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Sexy Halloween

I had such an interesting and fun Halloween weekend. I went to West Hollywood to Cinefamily's Disco Dracula at the Silent Movie Theatre. The theatre felt like a huge house party with booze and balloons all over. I met a couple of interesting people that night. To my surprise, I found out that one of people I met with wasn't kidding when he said he co-wrote the screenplay one of Michael Cera's films (I'd rather not disclose who it is) and acted in several films. Believe me, my jaw dropped the next day when I googled that person's name up.

For those who know me, I always fall under "CUTE" to the point I get tired of it sometimes. This Halloween, I decided to dress up as a sexy sailor. Emphasis on the sexy part. I thought I pulled it off pretty well, although I think the dress fit me better in person than on the photos.

On Halloween, I went to work as Minnie Mouse. I didn't think anyone would dress up because last year, no one didn't. The new people in our company did and they really went all out. I wish I had known! I safely dressed up in something I knew wouldn't look stupid if no one had dressed up. Luckily, we all got free lunch from the branch manager cause we were in costume.


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